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our mission

The fire that burns inside the soul of a Bruin fan is unrelenting. The Bruin Fan Alliance is here to galvanize this passion and embrace diverse thinking. The Alliance enriches the overall athletics experience by positioning itself as the anchor that grounds UCLA alumni and fans with both the administration and current student body. By fostering open-mindedness, compassion, and inclusiveness, the Alliance will create an environment that nurtures growth and development. 

The Alliance will develop the following audience-specific approaches:

Fan Passion & Engagement – The Alliance will fuel the enthusiasm that exists within Bruin fans while striving to energize a wider more impassioned fan base. The Alliance will respect long-standing traditions while fostering new traditions as a touchstone for growth and transformation.

Philanthropy – The Alliance will work closely with UCLA Charitable Foundations to provide a platform through which the Alliance can serve the greater community with pride and humility.

Mentorship – The Alliance will provide a student athlete mentorship platform while in school or as an athlete pivots toward life after competitive sports, the Alliance will introduce successful UCLA alumni in the community with student athletes for mentorship, counsel. and potential NIL opportunities.

The Alliance will strive to represent the voice of the greater UCLA fan community and meet biannually with the UCLA Athletic Department to express the issues and topics deemed most import. The Bruin Fan Alliance is determined to create a lasting connection between faculty, students, alumni, administration, and staff founded on unity and support.

partner organizations

We are honored to  collaborate with other nonprofit organizations in serving the greater Los Angeles community.  Below are some of our current partner organizations.  

Interested in being partnering with us? 
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