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Bruin fan alliance ByLAWS

Creating opportunities to provide support by connecting the community to UCLA while inspiring the potential future Bruin through athlete driven programs.


Voting rights and all decisions of the Bruin Fan Alliance Organization will be determined by BFA Athlete Ambassadors.


The Athlete Ambassadors will be defined as follows:


Senior Athlete Ambassadors (SAA) - Former UCLA Athlete

  • Determine all financially related issues by show of vote

  • Equally valued voting rights 


Should any vote result in a deadlock The Athlete Ambassadors in Charge shall make the final determination.

Senior Athlete Ambassadors will have defined roles and titles with continued development throughout the balance of 2022.


Former Athlete Ambassadors (FAA) - Former UCLA Athlete

  • Appearances

  • Social Media Posts


Current Athlete Ambassadors (CAA) - Current UCLA Athlete

  • Event Appearances

  • Social Media Posts

  • NIL Recipients

  • Serve as liaison to BFA and respective sporting program

  • Attend monthly virtual meetings

  • Select and attend NIL events and opportunities

  • Attend quarterly BFA virtual Town Hall meetings open to all BFA Members

  • Athletes are compensated per event and on an ongoing monthly basis for the length of the contract cycle

  • Voting Rights including but not limited to:

    • Selection of Merchandising, Branding and Marketing

    • Event type and location

    • Entitled to individual voting rights specific to non financially related decisions

CAA contracts will be offered with the maximum time frame of 9 months.

Each contract will be reviewed at the conclusion of the respective UCLA school calendar year.


All Athlete Ambassadors will be provided a donation code in order to raise funds on behalf of the Bruin Fan Alliance.

20% of funds raised to the BFA via CAA code will be credited and compensated to said CAA on a bi-monthly basis.​​


How Current Athlete Ambassadors are chosen:

SAA will determine selection and offering of Ambassador position to Current Athlete Ambassadors.

The BFA will ultimately look to retain at least one Athlete Ambassador per sporting program.


* The Bruin Fan Alliance Bylaws will evolve over time as our 501C3 non-profit charitable organization continues to grow and flourish

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