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The Bruin Fan Alliance has established Name Image and Likeness (NIL) Collective in order to provide NIL compensation opportunities for athletes of UCLA.
In exchange for the NIL compensation provided, the athletes will aim to connect fellow Bruins in an effort to serve and inspire the greater community with compassion and optimism. 


100% of your donation will enter our Football ONLY NIL pool.


There will be no expenses of any kind removed from this pool.  


This pool will be used to provide ongoing monthly payments and football specific NIL opportunities to our BFA Ambassador football players (16 at current).

Goal is to increase amount per Ambassador and total number of Ambassadors as pool enlarges.


100% of your donation will enter our Men's Basketball ONLY NIL pool.


There will be no expenses of any kind removed from this pool.


This pool of funds will be used to provide both ongoing monthly payments and basketball specific NIL opportunities to our BFA Ambassador basketball players (6 at current) with hopes we can include the entire team in the coming days. 


Breakdown will be as

originally presented.

Your donation will be broken down

as follows:

  • 75% allocated into NIL Pool for benefit of ALL BFA Ambassadors across all sports represented



*Please note Donor also has choice to specify a split between different Options –

            (Example - Donor can specify allocation of 80% to Option A and 20% to Option C)

Should you wish to provide additional compensation specifically allocated to ANY of our Athlete Ambassadors, please donate through his/her personalized BFA donation page resulting in 20% of funds you donate credited to the Ambassador of your choosing. Allocation options remain the same.

Donations to the Bruin Fan Alliance through the Donate link will be deposited directly to an Attorney Escrow Account established specifically and only to accept funds donated to the Bruin Fan Alliance.

  • The account titled “BFA Fund” will accept funds and await instructions of distribution by Mr. Alonzo Nelson (Athlete Ambassador in Charge)

(Attorney Representative information to be supplied upon request by emailing )


Alonzo Nelson will be the sole account holder of a BFA Sub bank account established to enable ongoing payments of NILs opportunities and general operating expenses. The donated funds will remain in Attorney Escrow account until directions of distribution are provided.


Alonzo Nelson, Dawn Harper Nelson along with the Senior Athlete Ambassadors, will determine NIL compensation offered.

General Expenses

General Expenses are defined as follows:

  • Expenses related to “Events” hosted by the Bruin Fan Alliance


Events are defined as follows:

  • Community service based programs, trips, and visits

  • On campus programs/events hosting various youth programs

  • Tailgates at Rose Bowl enabling engagement between current athletes, former athletes, Den student members and UCLA fan community.

  • Pre-Game mixers on or around UCLA Campus in support of attendance and following of ALL UCLA Sporting programs


  • BFA merchandise production

  • Part time salaries for BFA Daily Operations and Media Director positions

  • Miscellaneous general expenses i.e. mailing costs, transportation, office supplies


Though not anticipated, should there be a fundamental change to the allocation of donated funds as described above, the Bruin Fan Alliance will clearly communicate such changes prior to accepting any further donations.


The Bruin Fan Alliance is a 501c3 Non-Profit Charitable Organization. The BFA will offer no advice related to taxation nor tax deductibility of incoming donations.

General Operating Expenses
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